A crime case which took place during REM sleep disorder and the evaluation of the case by the forensic psychiatry
F. Süheyla Aliustaoğlu, Gökşen Yüksel, Sefa Saygılı, Gökhan Oral
Article No: 11   Article Type :  Case Report
Sleep-related behavior disorders are the disturbing behaviors which occur during sleep, targeting himself or others. Although the exact prevalence is still unknown, it is clear that they are more frequent in males than females and mostly appear to be a REM sleep disorder. The patient remembers his/her dream in a detailed way assuming as if he/she was attacked, he/she attacked someone else or tried to run away from the situation. In this case report, we are presenting a patient with REM sleep disorder, without any psychopathology in his psychiatric history, who was evaluated by forensic medicine during his court trial in which he was being accused of deliberate attempt to kill a man.
Keywords : REM sleep disorder, sleep related behavior disorder
Dusunen Adam : The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences : 2012;25:78-83
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