Retrospective analysis of sociodemographic characteristics of inpatients at Kayseri Research and Training Hospital AMATEM Clinic
Hakan Karaagac, Zeynep Esenkaya Usta, Akif Usta, Merve Gumus Yarmali, Ahmet Godekmerdan
Article No: 9   Article Type :  Brief Report
Objective: The purpose of this study is to retrospectively determine the sociodemographic characteristics of inpatients with the diagnoses of alcohol and substance use disorder in AMATEM (Research, Treatment and Training Center for Alcohol and Substance Dependence) clinic of Kayseri Training and Research Hospital.

Methods: Medical records of 1222 patients who were hospitalized at AMATEM clinic of Kayseri Training and Research Hospital between the years 2007-2015 were analyzed retrospectively and the obtained data were recorded on data sheets prepared by us. Statistical evaluation of the data was recorded in a database prepared by SPSS 23 software. Chi-square test was used for descriptive analyzes. The confidence level was taken as 95% and the statistical significance limit was accepted as p<0.05 for all analyses.

Results: A total of 1222 patients were included in the study. Of the all patients, 94.8% were male, 5.2% were female, mean age was 33.6±10.83 years. The mean age of alcohol users was 39.8±8.7; the mean age of substance users was 27.5±12.68. The mean age of the patients suffering from alcohol dependence was significantly higher than the mean age of applicants with other addictions. Patients who were mostly single (49.6%) were living with parents or family (90.4%). The rate of those who were married among the alcohol dependents was higher than the ones in the other substance dependents group. The most common reason for admission was alcohol dependence (37.2%), while the second most common was cannabis dependence. The majority of patients were hospitalized 1-15 days (67.7%) and these patients were often discharged from the hospital upon their requests (59.8%). The rate of the patients hospitalized for the first time at the clinic was 59% and this was higher than the recurrent hospitalizations. A huge majority of inpatients were smokers (91.7%).

Conclusion: This is the first study to investigate the socio-demographic and clinical characteristics of patients who were hospitalized in Kayseri Training and Research Hospital AMATEM Clinic. We think that our study will contribute to the comparative evaluation of the clinical and socio-demographic characteristics of the individuals who applied to other AMATEMs in our country. In this way, it will be useful for determining the changes that may be caused by regional differences in alcohol and substance use disorder and determining the common features that can be generalized independent of such local features.
Keywords : Alcohol, addiction, substance abuse
Dusunen Adam The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences 2017;30:251-257
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