Comorbidity of telephone scatologia with multiple psychiatric disorders: a case report
Merih Altintas, Mehmet Oguz, Nihan Oguz, Leman Inanc
Article No: 10   Article Type :  Case Report
Telephone scatologia is a type of paraphilia categorized as ‘Other specified paraphilic disorder’ in DSM-5. This group includes necrophilia (corpses), zoophilia (animals), coprophilia (feces), klismaphilia (enemas), urophilia (urine) and other types of paraphilic disorders which are less frequent and do not meet diagnostic criteria for one of the specific categories. Obscene and sexual phone calls, sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges or behaviors are present at least for six months in telephone scatologia. It is often accompanied by masturbation. Telephone scatologia remains moderate in comparison with the other paraphilias. In general, there is a common point of view that paraphilias are not seen alone, but with other paraphilias. Here we report a case with telephone scatologia accompanied by unspecified schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorder obsessive compulsive disorder with poor insight, epilepsy and borderline mental retardation diagnosis. We considered to present this case, because contrary to common belief it was accompanied by multiple psychiatric disorders rather than other types of paraphilias.
Keywords : Comorbidity, paraphilic disorder, telephone scatologia
Dusunen Adam The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences 2016;29:275-280
11th National Alcohol and Substance Abuse Congress
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