Lafora disease presenting with acute anxiety: a case report
Esra Ozdemir Demirci
Article No: 10   Article Type :  Case Report
Psychiatric disorders are seen more frequently in patients with epilepsy than in the general population. Personality changes, psychosis, obsessive-compulsive symptoms and mood or anxiety disorders can occur in association with epilepsy. Anxiety disorders and depression are most common psychiatric disorders in patients with epilepsy. Lafora disease (LD) is a treatment resistant epilepsy with onset at the teenage period, followed by progressively worsening myoclonus, seizures, visual hallucinations and cognitive decline, leading to a vegetative state in status myoclonus and death. Different neuropsychiatric symptoms can be seen in patients with LD during the course of the disease. There are as yet no reports on how often patients with epilepsy, such as LD, presented with psychiatric symptoms to clinics at the first disease onset. No case of LD presenting with an anxiety disorder before seizures was reported in the literature. Herein, the case of a 14-year-old female adolescent who presented with acute severe anxiety before seizures, would be discussed.
Keywords : Adolescent, anxiety, epilepsy, lafora disease
Dusunen Adam The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences 2016;29:173-176
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