Relation of the Nine Types of Temperament Model with personality disorders
Enver Demirel Yilmaz, Ali Gorkem Gencer, Ozge Unal, Mehmet Palanci, Mehmet Kandemir, Ziya Selcuk, Omer Aydemir
Article No: 2   Article Type :  Research
Objective: Aim of this study is to determine the correspondence between personality categories and the types making up the Nine Types of Temperament Model (NTTM) –a new temperament model which evaluates personality disorders within the context of temperament traits and maladaptive personality features- and conceptualization of NTTM types.

Method: The sample group is composed of 117 participants with a personality disorder. SCID II and Nine Types of Temperament Scale (NTTS) were applied to participants.

Results: According to the findings, all NTTM types have shown significant correlation with at least one personality disorder. According to the regression analysis results, it was determined that the NTTM types were explained by personality disorders at a rate of 19-41%.

Conclusions: In this study, it is found that knowing the temperament features that form the basis of an individual’s personality structure is helpful to diagnose and to determine the tendency to develop personality disorders that are pathological responses to personality characteristics. In addition, this study brings up questions such as whether the individual differences between patients with the same personality disorders can be evaluated on the basis of temperament and whether it is possible to determine therapy and treatment approaches according to an individual’s temperament type.
Keywords : Nine types temperament model, nine types temperament scale, personality, personality disorder, temperament
Dusunen Adam The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences 2016;29:15-28
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