Catatonia and differential diagnosis in adolescence: a case report
Canan Tanidir, Hilal Adaletli, Fatih Ozbek, Hatice Gunes, Ozden Sukran Uneri
Article No: 12   Article Type :  Case Report
Catatonia is a motor dysregulation syndrome with main symptoms and signs such as mutism, posturing, stupor, motor rigidity, hyperalertness, refusal to eat or drink, and hypokinesis. Recognizing catatonia in children and making a differential diagnosis is important in terms of investigations required as well as for determining the treatment protocol. The present paper discusses the differential diagnosis of catatonia presentation and the clinical characteristics of a 17-year-old male case who was initially followed as inpatient in our clinic for catatonia presentation, though his diagnosis did not become definite within this period. Approximately one year later, he was readmitted to our clinic being pre-diagnosed with bipolar disorder-manic attack because of symptoms such as talking excessively, hyperactivity, irritability, and insomnia.
Keywords : Adolescent, bipolar disorder, catatonia
Dusunen Adam The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences 2015;28:276-280
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