Clinical characteristics and laboratory test results of patients admitted to outpatient clinic for synthetic cannabinoid usage
Muge Bozkurt, Gokhan Umut, Cuneyt Evren, Vahap Karabulut
Article No: 7   Article Type :  Brief Report
Objective: Synthetic cannabinoids (SC) are psychoactive substances that have agonistic effects on cannabinoid receptors. The aim of this study was to investigate the sociodemographic variables, SC usage properties, clinical effects and withdrawal symptoms of SC in patients who admitted to Research, Treatment and Training Center for Alcohol and Substance Dependence (AMATEM) in Istanbul for SC usage, while analyzing the urine samples of the patients by an enzyme immunoassay screening test.

Methods: One hundred fifty eight patients who admitted to AMATEM outpatient clinic between 28.08.2013-13.02.2014 and reported that they had been using SC were enrolled in the study. Sociodemographic and clinical data form were applied to patients and their urine samples were investigated by a screening test.

Results: One hundred thirty five of the patients (86.0%) reported that they had been using cannabis before they started on SC, while 19 patients reported that the first substance they had used were SC. The reason to use SC was relaxation for 143 (92.3%) of the patients. One hundred eight (70.1%) of the patients had unsuccessful attempts to stop SC usage. One hundred four (86.7%) of the 120 patients whose urine samples could be analyzed, had positive screening test results for SC.

Conclusion: Our study is important because it is the first study that investigates the usage properties and clinical effects of SC with the screening test results for SC in Turkey.
Keywords : Cannabis, laboratory, synthetic cannabinoids
Dusunen Adam The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences 2014;27:328-334
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