Adaptation of parent and adolescent versions of Leuven Adolescent Perceived Parenting Scale
Seher A. Sevim
Article No: 2   Article Type :  Research
Objective: This study aims to adapt the Leuven Adolescent Perceived Parenting Scale’s (LAPPS) parent and adolescent versions to the Turkish culture.

Method: 643 adolescents between the ages 14 and 23 were administered the adapted LAPPS in order to investigate the confirmatory factor analysis and internal consistency coefficients of the adolescent version. On the other hand, the adaptation study of the parent version has been conducted on the basis of the data gathered from 250 parents who have adolescent children.

Results: Confirmatory factor analyses were conducted with four scales for the adolescents to rate the behaviors of their mothers and fathers. The Scale’s coefficients for internal consistency in the adolescent-mother version are calculated 0.88 for responsiveness, 0.58 for behavioral control, 0.81 for psychological control, and 0.72 for autonomy granting; while, in the adolescent-father version the corresponding outcomes are 0.91, 0.78, 0.77, and 0.67. On the other hand, the coefficients for internal consistency with regard to LAPPS parent version are found to be 0.75 for responsiveness, 0.66 for behavioral control, 0.82 for psychological control and 0.63 for autonomy support.

Conclusion: The research findings indicate that both versions of the Scale have satisfactory levels of reliability and validity.
Keywords : Adolescence, parenting scale, parenting styles
Dusunen Adam The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences 2014;27:291-300
11th National Alcohol and Substance Abuse Congress
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